There is much speculation as to how darts originally came about, but little solid evidence to pinpoint exactly when it occurred. Popular theory is, however, that darts was created by soldiers at some point in the 1800s. Bored soldiers would often throw arrows at the bottom of barrels, or at the underside of a tree trunk to pass the time. The natural patterns on the tree trunk are thought to have evolved into a modern dartboard as more rules were added to the game. Later darts became a popular drinking game in pubs, and carpenters began to create specific boards for this purpose.

There have been various forms of the official dartboard throughout the 1800s, many of which were simply improvised on the spot. The official dartboard used today was not create until the late 1800s, and many say it is still clear to see that the design still resembles the natural patterns of a tree trunk. Competitive dart playing was a tradition throughout the 1800s, regardless of an official board not having been created, and bet making and darts went hand in hand.

Modern Darts

Today darts is a game that can still be played in many pubs around the world. The standard dartboard design, with the 20 at the top and double and triple rings, is accepted as the official standard. Many games can be played on the official dartboard, but the most commonly played is the variation referred to as 501 or 301. The object is for the player to hit sections of the board and score points, which are deducted from the total. The first player to reduce the score to 0 is the winner.

It should be noted that reducing the score to a final 0 requires the last numbers be hit accurately. For example, if the remaining points are 10, the player must hit two 5s, or a 10, or other numbers that equal 10. It will not be accepted if the player hits any number above a value of 10. These points will be ignored until 10 is accurately achieved.

Darts Betting

It has already been said that darts is a game that goes hand in hand with bet making, and this tradition has been kept until this day. There are a number of official darts leagues online betting sites around the world, many of which are televised globally. Placing bets on these games can quickly and easily be done via online bookmakers. In order to access an online bookmaker now, simply surf to the website on your smart phone or home computer.

The most common darts bets are money line bets, or bets that simply predict which of the two players will achieve victory. Fixed odds will be assigned in this case. Other betting options do exist, however, and can make the game a great deal more interesting for those who prefer slightly less mainstream choices. Bets may be placed on how many times a player will hit the bulls eye, for example, which is a fun and interesting twist on traditional bet making options.