Despite much speculation regarding the origins of golf, there is a general suspicion that it is too broad and natural of a game to be able to be credited to any single origin. In 15th century Scotland the game was certainly an organized thing, but when it comes to hitting a small ball with a curved stick, well, the Romans had a game they called paganica where contestants walloped a little ball as far as they could.

There are many golf tournaments held every year at the huge number of golf courses around the world. The professional circuit is highly developed, global and incredibly popular. The primary tournaments, the ones that bring the entire sporting word to a stop, are referred to as the four majors. These majors are contested annually and comprise of the Masters Tournament, which takes place in April, the US open, held in June, the Open Championship, which makes its way in July, and the PGA Championship, which is in August.

These are the tournaments that attract public attention, and hence the attention of the bookmakers. Ideal sports book material, especially in an online and mobile betting world, all golf fans can easily access the world of wagering on their favourite sport.

Wagering on this Popular Game

Golf is a difficult sport, requiring vast levels of talent and mental fortitude. In order for punters to have any hope of predicting accurately the outcome of a golf tournament, especially one of the majors, they will need to be familiar with the players’ form and the golf courses themselves. Once achieved, though, betting on golf tournaments can be very profitable.

There are numerous wagers that can be placed on a golf tournament, and these options carry far more friendly odds for the punter than purely individual performances. The Tournament Winner bets are nevertheless still the most popular type of bet. This bet is the easiest to place, and carries the golf betting odds, with obviously the highest pay-outs. The bet is placed on who is predicted to be the overall winner of the tournament. Odds are constantly changing in the lead-up as forms fluctuate, but a bet placed on the right person, at the right time, can be the most profitable bet type in all of golfing.

There are also, however, 3 ball bets available. Punters still wager on a specific player, but in a much smaller group. When a tournament starts, players are split into groups of three. These three players then effectively compete with each other. A 3 ball bet is then placed on one of the players in a group of 3, for the competition between the 3.

Further Betting Options Available

Head to head bets are another variety of golf bet that sports books routinely offer. This is a bet between 2 players that are selected by the punter, and they can choose it to be very competitive or very obvious in terms of likely income. Clearly this affects the odds involved, but putting money on the winner of the two players provides punters with a useful pay-out. These are numerous additional forms that wagering on the game of golf can take, and many depend on the sports betting site itself. Punters do, nonetheless, have many opportunities to win using their golfing knowledge.