Baccarat Pro High Limit is an online variant of the original baccarat game. It was designed and developed by Net Entertainment and follows the traditional mini baccarat rules with a tie paying out nine to one and much higher than usual betting limits. The goal of the game is to place a bet on whose hand will win and have that hand win the round with a value as close to nine as possible.

Baccarat Pro High Limit is not difficult to play and relies on both luck and some strategy therefore it is important to understand the rules of the game to get the best possible result. Many Net Entertainment casinos offering this game online have an option for players to play for free. This is considered an advantageous opportunity to learn how to play Baccarat Pro High Limit before any real money is risked. Players then have the opportunity to place their high limit wagers and begin their chance to play for real money wins.

Getting Started with Baccarat Pro High Limit

Baccarat Pro High Limit has three different outcomes on which to bet. A player may bet on his own hand winning, he may bet on the dealer’s hand winning or he may bet on a tie between the player and the dealer. This version is a high limit game meaning the betting options are set at high amounts. The coin values of the bets are available in denominations of 50; 100; 500 or 1 000.

Once the specific bet has been placed on whose hand will win, both the player and the dealer are dealt two cards each. In some instances a third card may be dealt. From there the game unfolds.

Rules for Baccarat Pro High Limit

Online baccarat in Canada is played with eight decks of fifty two playing cards that do not include the jokers. The decks of playing cards are shuffled before each and every deal. The two to nine playing cards are worth their face value while the ace card is worth only one point. The royal face cards have no value and count as zero points.

The aim is to have a hand valuing nine points or as close to nine as possible. If a hand has the value of ten or more the ten will fall away and the smaller digit will remain as the hands value. It is a Baccarat Pro High Limit rule that the player and the dealer stand on a hand with a value of eight or a nine and are therefore not dealt another card. If however the value is less than a five the third card is dealt.

The two or three playing cards in hand are then evaluated to see who has the winning hand. If the dealer or the player has the winning hand and the player bet on the correct winner, the pay-out ratio will be two to one. If however a tie occurs and the player has bet on a tie then the pay-out is nine to one.