Pyramid: Quest for Immortality

Ancient Egypt has always been a popular theme for entertainment. Video slots games are no different, and Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is just one of the many video slots games featuring an ancient Egypt theme. The game has been designed, developed, and released by gaming software company Net Entertainment, more commonly known by their abbreviated name of NetEnt, and is available worldwide, including the US.

The Ancient Egypt Theme

The theme at bet365 NZ of the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality video slots game is based on the ancient belief that dead pharaohs would be reborn and were hence buried with their personal possessions and treasures. In Pyramid: Quest for Immortality, it is up to the player to find these treasures, aptly represented on the game’s many symbols. Some of these treasures include bejeweled scarab beetles, Egyptian ladies, ankhs, and golden snakes and eagles.

The theme of ancient Egypt is carried out throughout the design of the game, and even the reels are pyramid-shaped, lined in a formation of 1 – 3 – 5 – 5 -5.

The Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Treasures

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality offers players various treasures in terms of multipliers and bonus rounds, and US players will find numerous such bonus features.

Multipliers are common throughout game play, and players are rewarded with various multipliers depending on which symbol combinations they find. For example, if players land the hieroglyphics, they will receive a multiplier going up to seven times. If players land the golden snakes, they will receive an eight time multiplier. For the golden eagles, players may be rewarded with a multiplier of up to ten times, and the bejeweled scarab beetles will reward a fifteen time multiplier. The pharaoh’s queens can grant players multipliers of up to twenty five times, while the pharaoh himself will grant a maximum multiplier of up to fifty times the original bet.

The wild symbol in the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality slots game can also help players achieve more wins, in that it is allowed to be used as a substitute for any other symbol, thereby helping players to complete winning combinations and receive the highest possible wins. The wild symbol in this game is represented by the icon of the golden ankh. The golden ankh wild symbol will replace any of the other symbols as there are no scatter or bonus symbols in this game.

The Avalanche Feature

The Pyramid: Quest for Immortality video slots game offers players the popular Avalanche Feature. In this feature, all symbols that form part of a winning combination will disappear, allowing further symbols to fall into those empty spaces, literally falling down like an avalanche. The Avalanche Feature will operate continuously until no new winning combinations are formed. Every three consecutive winning avalanches will increase the multiplier attached to the win by one, going up to a maximum multiplier of ten times. This is the key to reaching the maximum jackpot coin prize of 3, 600, 000 coins. This top jackpot payout makes the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality video slots game enormously popular, both in the US and worldwide.