Blackjack Single Deck Low Limit is a preferred game to play as it has a high pay out percentage of over 99%. It is also recommended to beginners as the betting limits are lower than average. Simple rules and game play also make it attractive to beginners but players of any level of skill can play successfully.

Regardless of what variation of real money blackjack Australia is played, the same goal applies across the board. That is to reach a value of twenty one or a value that is as close to twenty one as possible without the dealer holding a higher valued hand.

Importance of Understanding Blackjack Rules

Knowing the basic rules helps to achieve better results in the Blackjack Single Deck low Limit game. The low house edge is considered an advantage and some skill helps to get the most out of this fact. There are many hints and strategies to assist players in learning the rules but many online casinos offer free mode play where no money needs to be risked while learning the game.

Getting Started with the Game Online

Blackjack Single Deck Low Limit does not have high betting limits at all with the minimum bet being a denomination of 0.10 and the maximum being 5.00. The desired amount is placed on the hand before the cards are dealt. One deck of fifty two cards is played with minus the joker and the deck is shuffled before every deal.

Clicking deal will have two cards dealt to the player and two to the dealer with one of the dealer’s cards being facedown. The player’s cards are then evaluated in order to decide on hitting and having another card dealt or sticking on the two cards. The cards numbered two to ten are worth their face value, the royal face cards are worth ten and the ace is worth either eleven or one.

Blackjack Single Deck Low Limit Unfolds

Blackjack Single Deck Low Limit unfolds either with the player having another card dealt or sticking on the two cards. More cards can be dealt right up until the player decides to stick, he reaches a value of twenty one or goes bust with the value exceeding twenty one. If the player sticks or completes his round without going bust the dealer begins his turn by revealing the face down card.

An advantage to Blackjack Single Deck Low Limit is that the dealer must hit on a value of seventeen or less. If the dealers hand results in a higher value than the player’s without going bust then the dealer wins the round. If however there is a tie, the round becomes a push and the bet amount is returned to the player.

Blackjack Single Deck Low Limit also allows the player to split the first two cards if they have the same value and a double down is allowed if the cards value ten or eleven points. Doubling down will only allow one card to be dealt where after the player must stick.