The Canadian gambling industry is purported to have a turnover exceeding CA$14.5 billion a year. A growing percentage of this revenue is generated by online casinos, as more and more Canadians choose to try their luck gambling online from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Criteria for the Best Online Casino

A quick search online will reveal an astonishing array of online casinos and casino games but what would be considered the best online casino in Canada?

If your criteria for the title spot of best online casino in Canada includes bountiful bonuses, an extensive selection of high-quality games, trustworthy reputation as well as a clear commitment to customer support, you’re half of the way there already.

Any candidate in the running for the title of best online casino in Canada must, most importantly, be geared and optimised for Canadians. So let’s take a moment to review some of the things you can expect from the best online casino in Canada.

Play with Canadian Dollars

The Canadian dollar is obviously the most popular currency for online gambling in Canada. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise that the best online casino in Canada would accept and use Canadian dollars for deposits and withdrawals. This saves you the hassle of dealing with exchange rates that sometimes change in a blink of an eye and can make calculating currency conversions confusing.

While the Canadian and US dollar arrre pretty evenly matched, most credit card companies will still lay on a pretty hefty charge on top of the exchange rate. By playing in Canadian dollar you steer clear from bearing the brunt of unfair exchange rates and avoid getting duped by your credit card company.

You can bet your last dollar that the best online casino in Canada will only ever offer secure payment methods from reputable online banking providers. The most secure and popular payment options include e-wallets or third party payment portals such as PayPal. Not to mention that certain online banking institutions allow Canadian players easy access to their gaming account, making withdrawals and deposits a headache-free experience.

Canadian money

Regulation & Licencing Offers Peace of Mind

The best online casino in Canada is undoubtedly one with a credible reputation, proven track record and is in compliance with Canadian law and regulatory bodies. Canadian gambling laws, as well as official regulatory authorities, oversee the industry to ensure the fairness and integrity throughout. The best online casino in Canada will have no problem with being audited and regulated by these oversight committees. In fact, you’ll probably have encountered these seals of certification already, as the top-rated Canadian casinos display them as badges of honour on their site.

Licencing and regulation of online casinos in Canada provides Canadian players with an extra level of comfort and added peace of mind. These regulatory bodies have been established to ensure that online casino Canada operate fairly, this is achieved by regular auditing and the enforcement of stringent rules. If an online casino has made a transgression, its licence can be revoked by the regulatory body. Canada is home to a host of established and reputable oversight committees, formed specifically to monitor the industry and to protect the safety and interests of Canadian players.