Joker Poker, Video Poker from Amaya Gaming

Players of slot machines and video poker, aficionados of Amaya gaming casinos, will find varying versions of video poker that feature slightly different gameplay styles and rewards. These video poker games will offer promotional and welcome bonuses akin to those offered for regular slots play. Video poker games have a very high theoretical return to player pay-out that is enhanced with the player using basic poker strategy effectively. Joker Poker and other video poker games are known to be fair and are operated through a Random Number Generator. Amaya Gaming casinos encrypt transactions and private information so players can play in a completely secure environment. The original designers of Joker Poker video poker, Chartwell Technologies, was purchased by Amaya gaming in 2011.

The Video Poker Concept

Video poker has become extremely popular since the nz online betting concept was originally introduced in the early 1980’s, probably due to the essential similarity that video poker shares with slots play. The games were originally found in brick and mortar casinos, but with the phenomenal growth of the online world, online casinos are able to offer players more than ever in terms of variations, bonuses and gameplay. Video poker has now been available online for more than 20 years, and in many ways the game has retained all the aspects that attracted players in the original land-based casinos.

The Rules of Joker Poker

The game of Joker Poker is a variation of traditional video poker or draw poker. The game is very similar to other video poker variants such as Deuces Wild or Sevens Wild, apart from the single particular differentiating aspect to Joker Poker where the game adds a Joker card to the playing deck.

The game of Joker Poker begins in exactly the same fashion as any standard video poker game, by selecting the amount of credits to stake on each hand. Thereafter the game deals five cards to the player. Players assess their cards according to basic poker strategy and attempt to form the best poker hand possible. The added Joker card in Joker Poker serves as a Wild symbol in slots play and works to form the next best possible hand in combination with the other cards in the game. Players can decide to keep all or none of their cards by holding them in the machine. They can reject any number of cards. Once a player has decided which cards to keep, the game deals out new cards and the hand is analysed. Should the hand be a winning poker hand, pay-outs are made according to the standard ranked poker pay table. Players of Joker Poker should take note that with the addition of a joker to the pack, certain additional hands are added to the poker pay table. These would include Five of a Kind and a Natural Royal Flush as well as a Wild Royal Flush.

Joker Poker Clearly

Joker Poker is extremely popular amongst casino players and therefore can be expected in almost every online casino site. The game is similar to other variations such as Deuces Wild, and has a stable and robust software base that has hardly changed in the past twenty years. Players are advised to practice and become familiar with the basic strategy associated with Joker Poker in order to maximise their returns and to win consistently.