Many players have already discovered the Indian Moon Cash Explosion Aristocrat Slot game. This game is certainly attracting more and more attention, as well as the other Cash Explosion games in this series. The Indian Moon Cash Explosion Aristocrat Slot game offers some very attractive prizes and jackpots, and also has a number of bonus features which players typically quite enjoy. The game is based on some of the more traditional principles behind slots games, but mixes these with some new and interesting bonus games and features, and a range of different ways to win.

As might be expected, the Indian Moon Cash Explosion Aristocrat Slot game has a theme based on Native America, and this are shown in terms of the symbols on the reels, as well as the game background and sound effects. The icons are highly detailed, and so are quite visually pleasing. With entertaining animations and exciting sound effects, the game has a lot to offer players, in addition of course to the winning opportunities that are on offer.

Power Reel Plus System

The Indian Moon Cash Explosion Aristocrat Slot game offers gambling online NZ system, which might sound a bit complicated, but basically means that there are a wide range of winning opportunities for players. Players also have the ability to change the stake values, and so can customize their bets for each and every spin.

The principle behind the Indian Moon Cash Explosion Aristocrat Slot game is that the game pays regularly from the main board, as well as being joined by four other jackpot amounts. Because of this, players can win anything from just a few dollars, right the way to winning a jackpot prize of $10,000. As with all slots games, luck or chance does play a huge role in this game. For players having a lucky day or a lucky streak, this game can offer up some sizable payouts.

Cash Explosion Bonus Game

The symbols of the fifth reel of Indian Moon Cash Explosion Aristocrat Slot game will at times have a stick of dynamite attached to them. This is the Cash Explosion part of the game, and is how players can win the big jackpots. If this dynamite stick ignites, this leads players to a separate screen where the bonus game feature can be played out.

In the bonus feature, players have the chance to choose between the 20 sticks of dynamite that are presented to them. A player has three strikes before they are out. By choosing the sticks of dynamite, a player might uncover credits, or a jackpot, or a strike. The overall aim here is to win a jackpot by matching up three of the relevant symbols.

The bonus feature game comes to a halt when the player has won a jackpot or has three strikes against their name. Any of the smaller credit amounts that were won, as well as a jackpot if you were having a lucky day, will all be added to your overall credit balance. As mentioned, players can also get free spins to use during the game.