Jack and The Beanstalk is a classic children’s story. A boy named Jack manages to acquire some magical beans, and after planting them, a massive beanstalk grows into the clouds. Jack ascends the beanstalk and finds a giant castle inhabited by an equally giant humanoid.

Jack then steals the giant’s magical golden egg laying goose, and during a final chase, the giant falls to the earth and is no more. The story of Jack and The Beanstalk is full of adventure and fantasy, and it is little wonder why the story would be used as inspiration for a slot game, and this is exactly what WMS Gaming has done with Giant’s Gold.

Giant’s Gold is an online video slot consisting of 5 reels and 100 paylines, and everything in the slot is based off of the story of Jack and her escapades up the beanstalk, as in Giant’s Gold, Jack is depicted as a woman. Along with the standard gameplay and bonus features, Giant’s Gold also comes with a 10x jackpot that has a chance of triggering as the game is played.

Game Design Explored

The aesthetic of Giant’s Gold, including all symbol imagery, is taken directly from the story. Bright, colourful, and vibrant, the slot makes use of fantasy, with a backdrop of the beanstalk itself, as well as Jack’s small farmhouse in the distance. Symbols of lower value are numbers and letters, while the rest are characters and items from the stories. The cow, a golden egg, a bag of beans, Jack, the giant, and more comprise all the symbols that have either high value or special uses in terms of bonus content.

How To Get Free Spins

Free spins in Giant’s Gold are activated by landing the golden egg symbol three times, but only on reels 1, 3, and 5. Once landed, players are given 5 free spins to start with, and thanks to the way the symbols stack, it is possible to earn dozens, or even hundreds of free spins during one round.

What’s The Gameplay Like?

One of the features that makes Giant’s Gold stand out among the thousands of slots NZ has to offer, is the way the reels are structured. Where the average video slot is made up of one main reel section, Giant’s Gold has two separate reel structures that are independent of each other.

The first and main reel, which is the one above the various options and betting selections, contains 5 reels and four rows. The other, which is much larger and to the right hand side, contains 5 reels and 12 rows, making for a total of 100 paylines.

The reels both use the same sets of symbols, and all symbols can stack, meaning that players will find that symbols can be stacked on top of other symbols which are the same. The wild in Giant’s Gold is represented as a Wild Symbol, and using this can allow for combinations to be completed, as the wild acts as a standard substitute for all other symbols in the game.

What’s The Verdict?

Thanks to the diverse range of gameplay mechanics offered by Giant’s Gold, along with the theme of adventure and fantasy, the slot should prove popular for most players. The double reel structure may not be to everyone’s liking, however.