If you had not noticed, the theme of Gems Gems Gems is gemstones, and the slot comes with a fair variety of different gemstones, along with a unique reel layout and some bonus features.

The gemstones in Gems Gems Gems are the focus point of the game, and players will not be disappointed with the amount of gems that are available across the reels, featuring gemstones of every colour and shape. Every gem has a different value, ranging from bottom of the line basic gems, to ones that can award large winnings should they land in the right place.

Apart from the precious stones themselves, Gems Gems Gems also comes with a reel setup that is not unfamiliar to WMS Gaming online slots. The reels are split into four different sections, each one with a set of paylines, which can go as high as 80 lines in total.

Along with the base gameplay, Gems Gems Gems also comes with a 400x jackpot, which is added to total winnings should the player manage to win the jackpot during the game.

The Epic Multi-Reel Design

Gems Gems Gems will be a new experience for players that have never encountered other WMS slot games. This is because Gems Gems Gems has a unique multi-reel layout, where instead of having one main set of reels, all the reels are split up and divided into different sections.

While not all four reels are used at the same time, all the time, they can all be triggered with the right symbols. Most of the gameplay is based on the main reel found on the left side of the screen, above the betting options.

In order to start up the other three reels, players will need to either land scatters or wilds on the main reel, which will then automatically duplicate the current symbols on the main reels and paste it across the accessory reels.

This increases the chances of winning, as every reel now has the potential of having a successful combination. If any of the other three reels do land winning combinations, earnings are calculated together with the main reels and then awarded to the player, being added to the total amount of available coins.

The Free Spins Bonus Explored

The diamond symbol in Gems Gems Gems represents the scatter, and landing three or more of these across the main reels will give the player an instant ten free spins. The diamond can also land on the other three reels, and while this does not add to the total amount of free spins the player can receive, a multiplier is awarded. The multiplier amount is determined by the amount of extra reels that land the diamond scatter.

For example, if only one of the reels lands three scatters, the player will receive a 3x multiplier. If two of the reels have scatters, then the player is give a 6x multiplier, and so forth, with a maximum of 12x, making this one of the better mobile casinos Canada has to offer.

What’s The Verdict?

Many players might find that the multi-reel system found Gems Gems Gems is a bit of a gimmick, there is no denying that it does add an interesting factor to the overall gameplay.

Along with the bonus features, Gems Gems Gems will be popular among many slot players, save those that prefer a traditional reel layout.