The Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions Company is a renowned developer of both online and mobile games. The head offices are situated in Vienna, Austria. The organisation was founded in 1998, and is currently the accepted market leader in Austria, in the online gaming field.

Founded by Eberhard Dürrschmid and Harald Reisinger, the Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions organisation immediately specialised in the development and distribution of casino games. The company also, from the start, was aware of the opportunities that mobile games had to offer. Their packages and products were therefore always aimed at both the mobile as well as the online market. Their corporate strategy has got two main, or primary, prongs. The first is in-game advertising, and the second is the use of paid content. Greentube’s first triumph, and following that industry recognition,  came with their adaption of the traditional and classic card table games to full scale online multiplayer games.

The Important History

Greentube was acquired in 2010 by Astra Games, the sister company of Novomatic. Ever since 2011, when the takeover was complete, the product portfolio has been expanding quite dramatically. Nowadays bingo, poker and other casino games are all featured, and all singularly impressive for a major reason. Already a leading software developer, Greentube, in conjunction with Novomatic, have providing complete casino solutions to the online and mobile markets, as well as iTV. Recently they realised the value of Greentube’s social gaming expertise by launching Greentube Pro. This is a social casino marketing platform.

The Online Casino World

The world of online casino nz play is exceptionally competitive. Top casinos and their software developers know that achieving sustained market share is completely dependent upon providing social casino gaming. The social aspect is amplified if the interactions occur on the platforms where players already network on the go.

Greentube Pro

One of the benefits of Greentube Pro is providing a casino with access to the Novomatic library of games. What is more, casinos receive the Greentube advanced social functionality, encouragement of brick and mortar casino visitors and the ability to have a uniform brand presence on their social gaming site. In even more specific detail, the Greetube Pro program is created over BlueBox technology, with software developed by BlueBat Games. The final product is a business-to-business marketing platform that facilitates land-based, the brick and mortar casinos in the US, to remain in virtual touch with players and for players keep attached to the casino brand through online social casino gaming. Greentube Pro is therefore an invaluable tool for player retention, as well as performing the indispensable advertising and player acquisition function. And in doing this, reliably and expertly protects the casino’s player database.

The justification for social gaming as a concept comes from the reality that most guests who leave the casino floor continue to play more, but this time on either or all of mobile devices, laptops or desktops. When the casino implements Greentube Pro, players continue gaming through a private-label social casino. Here they earn incentives to draw them back to the land-based casino. The players, encouraged or not, still stay connected to the casino brand. This targeted advertising and promotion is directed at social gamers, who can purchase virtual currency with ease to play the branded games.