Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild is a well-known, and broadly available video poker game. Video poker is famed for combining the attraction of poker with that of online slot games. This category of casino game was invented during the 1970’s as a land based slots-type game, and has been growing ever since. The internet has been ideally suited to this way of playing poker’s 5 card stud in a good old fashioned slot machine way. Deuces Wild video poker game has a substantial and perennial following due to the high-paced action involved when playing this game.

Variants on the Poker Theme

Video poker variants are based largely on the popular base game of Jacks or Better. A number of additional features are incorporated into the different games, with Deuces Wild having the supplementary feature of having the two, or deuce, becoming an automatic wild card. This means that Deuces Wild has increased chances of achieving a scoring poker hand.

In order to begin playing Deuces Wild video poker game, first select the number of coins to wager on the hand. To increase the bet, click the Bet One button and select the stake required. Alternatively, simply click the Bet Max option in order to stake the maximum amount. Five cards are then dealt, and once completed, players have the opportunity to discard up to five cards.

In order to retain any card, simply click Hold. Thereafter, the discarded cards are replaced, and pay outs are duly effected according to the pay tables. Most video poker winnings see players given a Gamble option, and can use this game play facility to double their winnings, based on guessing the colour of a face-down single card. This mobile pokies NZ feature can be repeated indefinitely, however, guessing incorrectly will see the loss of the entire win.

The Game Play Settings

There are numerous game setting options which can be controlled in Deuces Wild video poker. Volume control, game speed increases and full-screen playing mode are the basics and can be adjusted as required, including mute. This video poker game can be played for free at many casinos, and there additionally casino apps available that grant players access to Deuces Wild for download and off-line play.

The Deuces Wild video game has an Expert Mode setting, and this allows the more advanced player to use the auto play feature and to be enabled to view ongoing game statistics. Knowing their game statistics is helpful in determining effectiveness of playing style and utilisation of basic poker strategy. Deuces Wild video poker game is therefore suitable for players of all levels, and provides a fair, and healthy pay-out rate to players who use the basic poker strategy effectively.

The Top Hands in Deuces Wild

The lowest hands in Deuces Wild video poker are three of a Kind and a Straight. Both are paid out only at even money. The winning hands begin with a Flush, and include Five of a Kind, due to the deuces being wild. The top hand, the Royal Flush, boasts a significant pay-out that is optimised by wagering the maximum bet. A Royal Flush pay-out in Deuces Wild without using deuces is 800 coins, and therefore 4000 coins are paid out if the maximum bet was staked.