Traditional China In Choy Sun Doa

Choy Sun Doa is an online slot game created by Aristocrat Games. It features a colourful them based around classic Chinese culture, which is beautiful to behold, but the graphics are not as rich and highly detailed as some other modern games.

The soundtrack also has an authentic Chinese feel, kicking in whenever the player spins the reels, but this also lacks some of the quality modern online gamblers will have come to expect. The game is, however, still a fun and enjoyable online slot game experience, and veteran and casual slot players will find a good few hours of fun. The game itself uses a five reel play structure, incorporating a betting line system known as Reel Power. The Reel Power system is not seen in many online slot games, and stands as a major innovation that is certainly interesting. Choy Sun Doa is available to play now an all modern play platforms, and may be enjoyed for free or for real money slots Canada.

Standard Play Features

Choy Sun Doa uses a number of symbols featuring traditional Chinese imagery. This includes a carp, a jade ring, a lucky dragon, and more. The most lucrative standard symbol in the game is the golden dragon, who is sure to put a small on player’s faces if matching with himself the maximum of five times. The least valuable symbols are the far less Chinese based playing card numbers, including nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. It is a bit disappointing to see this common symbols clashing with the authentic Chinese designs.

Bonus Symbols And Free Spins

The bonus system in the Choy Sun Doa slot game is where the real money in the game can be found. A player must match the three golden bonus symbols, which are a rare but welcome treat. Once the symbols are matched a second screen will open, showing five different coloured carp, green, yellow, blue, purple and red. Each carp holds a prize beneath, which the player must select.

The prizes include an amount of upfront cash, free spins, and multipliers, depending on which is chosen. If the player selects a prize with free spins, these will play out automatically, gathering cash, after which the player will be returned to the slot game. Also note that during free spins, extra symbols may be added to the reels which grant special prizes, as well as potentially grating multipliers for other wins awarded during the sequence. All in all, a player should aim to match as many bonus symbols as possible.

Reel Power

The Reel Power system is a little difficult to understand at first, since it does not function as the betting lines of other games. Essentially, however, Reel Power has five levels that may be unlocked, each of which add a number of betting lines to the game. The first level has seven betting lines, the second nine, up to five which has an impressive two hundred and forty three betting lines. These levels are unlocked by raising the initial bet via the user interface. For more details on this Reel Power system, please click the info button.