Casper’s Mystery Mirror Slot Game

Casper’s Mystery Mirror is an online slot game. The character Casper the friendly ghost is a well known figure, going back as far as the 1930’s, and he may seem like a very odd choice for a slot game given that he is largely aimed at children.

Gambling, of course, has an age restriction. But Casper was popular with adults long before he was adopted by children, and likewise many of the children that know him from his peak popularity, which was back in the 1990’s, are now grown adults. The game Casper’s Mystery Mirror goes a long way to capture what made Casper so popular in the first place, namely his friendly nature among other far less friendly characters. He glides about merrily on the reels and smiles, all the while surrounded by creepy images and the notorious ghostly trio, his three mean brothers.

These images will animate when matched on the reels, accompanied by a spooky piano score that chimes in when the reels are spun. The game, all in all, is a fun experience and perfect for a bit of nostalgia. The play system uses five reels and forty bet lines, allowing the player to adjust how many lines they would like to use between spins. The game is available on desktop, mobile phone, and tablet.

Basic Play Symbols

Casper’s Mystery Mirror uses a number of well drawn symbols, most of which are taken directly from the world of the characters. Casper himself makes an appearance, of course, and is also a wild symbol. He may match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, and also sometimes appears as stacked wilds that occupy an entire row.

His three mean brothers, Fatso, Stinkie and Stretch are also present, and the most valuable symbols in the game when matched in a sequence. The least valuable symbols are classic playing card numbers, nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace, which are disappointingly not attached to the Casper universe in any way. Besides the wild card, there is one other bonus symbol which grants free spins, and is sure to help the player rake in some cash while being charmed by the games music and delightful visuals.

Bonus Free Spins

Look out for the symbol of Casper looking into a mirror. This is the bonus symbol, and will grant free spins if matched with itself, as well as giving a handsome upfront payment. When the mirrors are matched five free spins will be awarded. These will play out automatically, with wins gathered during the sequence compounded and paid out after the last spin.

Once the cash has been paid out, the player will be returned to the main slot game at Spin casino Canada. Needless to say, these free spins are often very lucrative. The Casper’s Mystery Mirror game is available to play now for free or using real money. If you would like more details about the game’s rules, please click the play button on the user interface. This will list the possible pay sequences and the value of each symbol in detail.