Exploring Breaks Casino in Dublin

Breaks Casino is a great name for a gaming establishment, considering that breaking the bank is what every player dreams of every time they enter a casino. So the naming of Breaks Casino in Dublin, Ireland, could well be an ironic joke to encourage players. These days, the casino is simply called by the name of the casino group that owns it, and is known as Dublin’s Emerald Casino.

Breaks Casino is situated on Eden Quay, one of the quays on Dublin’s Liffey River, running between the Butt Bridge and the O’Connell Bridge. Liberty Hall, the home of some of Ireland’s most famous trade unions over the years, stands nearby on the quay. Hotels, bars, an amusement arcade and a lap-dancing club are other entertainment options in the neighbourhood, with the casino boasting that there are over 30 pubs within walking distance.

A Small but Interesting Table Selection

Breaks Casino also has a nicely varied little collection of table games on offer. There’s a European Roulette table, a Three-Card Poker table and two Blackjack tables. By hosting regular well-publicised tournaments, Breaks has also been largely responsible for popularising Texas Hold’em Poker in Dublin, and its three Hold’em tables are always home to some excellent action.

The two Blackjack tables each have different bet limits, so both modest players and high rollers can enjoy them. The three Texas Hold’em Poker tables are grouped together, so that Poker tournaments can be played while the other casino games continue to be played around them, without interrupting.

A More Obvious Casino Layout

Breaks Casino differs from most other Irish casinos in its design. Irish casinos tend to be laid out as many-roomed private members clubs, which is of course what a number of them started out as. The Dublin gaming venue, on the other hand, sports a layout inspired much more by US casino design, with an open gaming floor offering a whole variety of games in one hall.

Breaks Casino is not the largest in Dublin, but it does offer players a wide selection of games. There are quite a few different slots titles among its 60 machines, and it also hosts Electronic Roulette machines and online bingo.

One of Dublin’s Best

Although it’s not the biggest casino in Dublin, reviewers consistently rate Breaks Casino among the city’s best gaming establishments. Some innovative table designs help to cram more games than one would expect into a relatively small space, and the casino is seldom crowded enough for there to be no space at the tables, which is always the bugbear of land-based operations.

The venue offers both stand-alone slots, as well as titles that occur across banks of machines, linked to progressive jackpots. 60 slot machines might look impressive on a land-based casino floor, but it pales alongside the hundreds of machines online casinos can offer. Nevertheless, careful selection of titles means that Breaks Casino can always offer Dublin players something they fancy, even with its limited range. This attention to detail, applied to all the game categories they offer, helps to keep Breaks Casino popular.