Many Bingo numbers have a “nickname’’, the “nickname” being a phrase which is linked to the number to clarify what has been called and create a sense of humour and fun into proceedings. For example, number 5 – man alive.

Nicknames generally fall into one of two broad categories, the one being rhymes and the other reason. The number twenty has two nicknames, which can be used to explain this. The 1st nickname for 20 is known as “one score”, as a score is twenty, and the 2nd as “getting plenty”, because of its rhyming factor.

Which of the 2 you prefer is down to personal preference, however most callers use a mixture of both. Often the rhyming category of the nicknames can be a bit more difficult, especially since so many numbers will sound the same, for example Queen B can easily be the nickname for 63 or 73. Here’s what you need to know when you enjoy a game of Bingo online on sites like anywhere you play.

Why Bingo Number Nicknames are Used

Bingo Number Nicknames makes calling out the numbers a bit more fun and humorous, especially in the more social aspect of Bingo. It’s however generally not used during online Bingo since the players are able to see the called number clearly on their screen. It is also not used in more professional gaming halls.

Most Common Bingo Number Nicknames

The nicknames for Bingo numbers are further categorised into “single digits”, “twin” numbers and “blind’.

When calling out the single digits, the caller would 1st say “on its own” then the nickname then the number. For example, “On its own, Kelly’s Eye, number 1”.

How to Call out Bingo Number Nicknames

Here are some other “On its own” nicknames associated with its numbers

  1. Kelly’s eye; At the beginning
  2. Doctor who; Me and you
  3. You and me; Cup of tea
  4. Knock at the door; The one next door
  5. Man alive
  6. Tom’s tricks; Chopsticks
  7. Lucky for some; God’s in heaven
  8. Golden gate; One fat lady
  9. Doctor’s orders

The same goes for the twin numbers, like 33. The category name for these digits are called “All the”. So when calling out these numbers, the caller would say, “All the threes, number 33.”

  1. Skinny legs; All the ones
  2. Quack quack; Two little ducks
  3. Dirty knees; All the feathers
  4. Open two doors; All the fours
  5. Snakes alive; All the fives
  6. All the sixes; Clickety click
  7. The double hockey sticks; Two little crutches
  8. Two fat ladies; All the eights

The category name for the numbers in the multiple of 10 is “blind”. Here is an example of how it is used when calling number nicknames: “ 1 – 0, a big fat hen, blind 10.”

  1. A big fat hen; Uncle Ben
  2. Getting plenty; Blind 20
  3. Dirty Gertie; Blind 30
  4. Life begins at; Naughty 40
  5. Bulls eye; Half a century
  6. Five dozen; Three score
  7. Blind 70; Three score and ten
  8. There you go matey; Eight and blank
  9. End of the line; Top of the house