Double the Devil is an online casino slot machine, using the spinning icons wager system. A number of icons spin upon the player clicking, with the aim of matching the symbols to create winning combinations. This game uses numbers and playing cards, as with most slot machines, as well as a number of bonus picture cards. All matching sequences are marked by a solid line, allowing for easy identification.

User Interface

The player may raise the bet for each spin via the buttons located across the bottom of the screen. Note that bets may only be raised or lowered between spins. The player may also select a specific bet per line of the matching sequences. If you would like to auto-spin, select how many spins you would like, and click to start the spinning sequence. The maximum amount of auto-spins allowed is 100.

Symbols Used

A bell, wild seven, devil, double the devil, and cherry, are this games bonus symbols, and if landing in sequence will equal big payouts. The lucky seven icon is this games wild card, and can be matched with other symbols as a substitute. You can, for example, get two bells and a lucky seven, or two bells and two lucky sevens. Therefore, the more lucky sevens matched, the greater the bonus will be. The double the devil symbol, if matched with any other sequence, will mean double the normal payout for that sequence. When symbols trigger they animate for maximum entertainment value, accompanied by winning sounds.

Double the Devil Online Slot Symbols

The Devil

The devil, or scatter symbol, as it is named in the game, can trigger the bonus payout system. If two devils are landed in sequence, starting at the left most wheel, the screen will ignite and the bonus payout system will begin. The wheels will spin, and a number of free spins will be added as the symbols align. The free spins will then play out, with every win being worth double during this period. Huge payout can be achieved in this way, and free spins may compound as the sequence progresses, for even bigger winnings.

Play on Your Phone

This game has specifically been designed to be played on a smart phone. All buttons are one touch activated, for a touch screen, and the symbols and graphics bold, to be clearly seen on a smaller screen. To download the game, simply look for the Double the Devil application in the application store, and download it to your device. It may also come as part of a package with other online slot machine games. Like online roulette Canada, it can be played for free, or for real money. If you would like to play for free, simply open the game and select to play the demo version. An amount of virtual currency will be given to the player, which they may use as they wish. To play for real money, make sure you are logged into your account, and open the game. If you would like for information about this game, or have any questions, contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.